On average, people only drive 60 km a day. You can recharge your battery sufficiently for this distance overnight, using a standard home electric socket (1.8 kW). Want to charge up to 5 times faster? Then install an optional alternating current home charging station – also known as an AC Wall box. Higher specification AC Wallbox models are equipped with energy meters, allowing you to trace the electricity you consume while charging at home.  


AC Wallbox home charging. 


The AC Wallbox can be fitted to your home or workplace, and to stand-alone buildings or apartment blocks, as long as local planning permission has been granted. According to the European directive, you have the right to install a private charging solution, so getting planning permission should be relatively simple.


Your local Opel dealer will suggest a charging package that’s best for you, depending on your usage, your battery type and your vehicle’s range. Your dealer will also refer you to a diagnostic service that assesses all your electrical installation requirements.


Our tip: if you’re unsure whether a Wallbox will pay off for you in the long term, a universal charging cable could be the better option. It enables faster current flow and works everywhere: with normal sockets at home or work and with public charging station sockets.